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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

🌿🐾 Project Purrfect Hill 🐾🌿

🌿🐾 Project Purrfect Hill 🐾🌿
We're on a mission to spruce up the hill behind the flagpole, where pigs, chickens, and a bunch of trash have turned things into a bit of a mess. But in the midst of all that, volunteers of Animal Defenders are doing a stellar job looking out for around quite a group stray cats – feeding them, where possible neutering and watching over them, and making sure they're doing well.

Here's the game plan: we want to create cozy wooden spots up in the trees for the cats, so they can relax and grab a bite without any interference from the pigs. Also, we're putting up a friendly sign to remind everyone not to toss their snacks in this area. And those old tires lying around? We're giving them a facelift with some vibrant paint to not only spruce things up but also to keep the cat food safe from piggy scavengers.

This initiative not only serves the dedicated volunteers working tirelessly but also extends its positive impact to the many tourists who frequent the area. Together, we're making our island a better place in more ways than one. Join us in fostering a more beautiful, respectful, and sustainable haven for all inhabitants, human and animal alike.