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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

How to participate

Project Guidelines

SXM DOET is all about helping you - to help make the community a better place. We also aim to promote volunteerism and want to encourage more community efforts. To reach these goals your SXM DOET project must follow a few guidelines:

1. Must be completed during the two days of DOET. (March 15th & 16th, 2024)
2. The end-result must benefit your own organization, or if you cater to vulnerable clients, must benefit those clients.
3. You must be able to engage at least 5 volunteers to realize your project. (exceptions made for projects that cater to vulnerable clients)
4. You cannot buy ready-made items, but you can build them. For example: you cannot buy picnic tables, but you can buy wood/paint and build them with your volunteers.
5. You must take good care of your volunteers. Ensure that they have water, snacks, are safe, and are having a good time!

Registration is easy! Click on:

What information do we need from you?

  • General contact information of your organization and details of the project;
  • A clear and enthusiastic description of the project;
  • The quantity and type of volunteer you are looking for.

Your project will then be listed on this website. Interested volunteers from your community can register via the website for your project. 

Financial support

Your project may be eligible for financial support up to USD $650 from the Oranje Fonds. The deadline to apply for this is January 5th, 2024Read more

Need ideas?

Do you need help coming up with a project idea or would you like more publicity for your project? Would you like to know how you could recruit more volunteers? Be The Change and the SXM DOET Team are here to help. Simply contact us via email or phone.

Please note:

The Be The Change Foundation and Oranje Fonds are not responsible for accidents or damage during SXM DOET. While planning your project or activity, remember to take into account the safety of your volunteers by having little to no risk involved in your projects. Seek the assistance of professionals should your project be overly technical to ensure no one gets hurt. 

Would you like to have more information?

Is your foundation or community organization interested in participating in SXM DOET? Would you like to discuss the possibilities or are you just looking for inspiration? Don’t hesitate to contact SXM DOET and "Be The Change" for any information you may need. Email us at with any questions.