15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Register Project

If you are a foundation, school, association, sports organization, community center, care centers, or other community organisation, you can register your project for SXM DOET!

Maybe you want to rebuild a playground or organize a special event for the clients of your care group? All of these ideas, and more, can become a reality with SXM DOET on March 10 & 11, 2023.

You can register your project for SXM DOET via the link below. Once you are registered, volunteers will be able to view your project on our website and sign up to help. You can also apply for financial aid to a maximum of USD $650.00 per project location. We'll also help you out with discounts and donations through our partnering businesses. What are you waiting for? Register now!

Register project HERE! 

If you are participating for the first time, make sure to carefully read all the guidelines we have or contact us for further information.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

We will gladly give you more information and answer your questions if you send an email to info.sxmdoet@gmail.com or call +1 (721) 586 6831 and ask for the DOET team.

How to participate

Project Guidelines

SXM DOET is all about helping you - to help make the community a better place. We also aim to promote volunteerism and want to encourage more community efforts. To reach these goals your SXM DOET project must follow a few guidelines:

1. Must be completed during the two days of DOET. (March 10 & 11, 2023)
2. The end-result must benefit your own organisation, or if you cater to vulnerable clients, must benefit those clients.
3. You must be able to engage at least 5 volunteers to realise your project. (exceptions made for projects that cater to vulnerable clients)
4. You cannot buy ready-made items, but you can build them. For example: you cannot buy picnic tables, but you can buy wood/paint and build them with your volunteers.
5. You must take good care of your volunteers. Ensure that they have water, snacks, are safe, and are having a good time!

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Financial support

How can you apply for financial support?

You can only apply for financial support after you have registered your project. In your SXM DOET account you will find a button called 'apply for financial support'. You can open an account by clicking the button "Login" on the top right of the website.

  • Note! The button 'apply for financial support' is only active if you indicated that you need more than 5 'outside' volunteers and if you have entered your banking details under the organization information.
  • Note! Project(s) with 5 - 9 external volunteers: are eligible for a maximum of $500, with maximum $100 dedicated within this budget towards refreshments.
    Project(s) with 10 or more external volunteers: are eligible for a maximum of $650, with maximum $150 dedicated within this budget towards refreshments.
  • Note! Applications can be submitted until January 31st, 2023. Funding is provided on a first come first serve basis, so please send in your financial request early!

Conditions regarding your application for financial support:

  1. Your organization is an official foundation, school or association and you have a dedicated, active bank account;
  2. Your project is registered on www.sxmdoet.com
  3. Your project fits in with the spirit of SXM DOET: for your organization to seek new volunteers who can help you to get a specific job done on Friday March 10th and/or Saturday March 11th, 2023.
  4. You need at least 5 new volunteers per project.
  5. Financial support will only be granted per address/location.
  6. You need to provide a simple breakdown of how you are spending your requested funds in your financial application.

Note: We would love to help as many organizations as possible, but we have a limited budget. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will not be eligible for financial support. It goes without saying that your organization can still participate in SXM DOET. Register your projects early and give volunteers more opportunity to sign up to help with your cause.

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