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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Hero Hike 🥾

Hero Hike 🥾
We need some heroes to help remove litter from the cove and beach at Geneve Bay, near Point Blanche. This area builds up with marine debris. Let's make sure it doesn't end up back in the ocean with the next storm.

We will hike 1 km along the beautiful coastal path from Guana Bay to Geneve Bay. There, we will collect garbage that has washed up from the sea or been blown onto the rocky beach. We will take a break and enjoy the stunning scenery before finally hiking back along the same coastal path with the garbage for proper disposal in a dumpster that will be at the trailhead for this project. Participants should be able to walk 2km on uneven terrain and be willing to hike the return trip with a garbage bag or two if you are feeling strong! We have done this hero hike collecting garbage with children aged 8 and up, the many plastic bottles that will be collected aren’t heavy to carry.
We want to reduce the amount of litter on the island and in our ocean. Cleaner coastlines make our island more beautiful and safer for wildlife like sea turtles and birds which can mistake trash for food or get tangled in it 🐦