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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

MAC ESC Playground Upgrade ⚽️

MAC ESC Playground Upgrade ⚽️
Our Early Stimulation Section in town has faced challenges in improving play resources due to limited space. This year, our goal is to provide portable equipment for recess and engaging floor games to positively develop students. Additionally, we aim to create a foldable fence to ensure a safe play environment, enclosing the porch and bathroom areas from the public. Your support is crucial in making this initiative a success! Join us in enhancing the learning and play experience for these students. 🎓🤸‍♂️ #SupportEducation #CommunityProject
The new equipment we plan to build is designed to be lightweight for easy mobility by teachers. We hope this art project is just the beginning of what we can create for teachers and students for many years to come. This initial step aims to enable students to develop their gross motor skills, better preparing them for the elementary phase of their lives and promoting growth in all aspects. Teachers will also benefit from these tools, as they encourage less roughhousing and incidents, fostering more team-building among students. The proposed fence will aid in traffic flow, and the veranda will prevent students from running into the road while keeping adults outside.
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