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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Sr. Magda School Makeover Extravaganza

Sr. Magda School Makeover Extravaganza
Activity 1) Motivational art to keep a clean toilet for our students:
Help us beautify at least two lavatories with motivational art to inspire students to keep our school's bathrooms clean and inviting! Join our journey in creating a more pleasing environment, expressing the importance of hygiene through vibrant art. It has been a journey in guiding and helping our students understand the importance of keeping a clean bathroom, which they tend to forget. Therefore, we want to beautify the lavatories, hoping our students will keep them neat. Some pictures of what we are aiming at. We will need artists, paint, and brushes for this project!

Activity 2) Repair our benches for outdoor school and devotion activities:
Let's spruce up our outdoor spaces! Since we are an E.G.O. school, we use different methods to encourage learning for our students in several ways, including outdoor and indoor activities. It is crucial to reach all our students’ way of learning; therefore, our minimum tools and equipment are used to guide our students through this process. Also, every school week, we have “devotion,” and the classes are assigned to do prayers and sing songs that are connected to our catholic identity. Consequently, we also want to present this project to you to ensure that we have more stable benches for the students to sit comfortably.