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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Setting-up&beautifying PerpetualPlastics Workspace

Setting-up&beautifying PerpetualPlastics Workspace
Get ready for an EPIC Project! ♻️

EPIC has been in the process of setting up a recycling workspace whereby collected plastics are shredded, melted, and formed into newly reusable AWESOME products. The project includes in-school education, public awareness, advising, as well as providing a safe space for persons with a distance to a standard job to partake and contribute, learning new skills and having a fun day activity along the way.

We are about to set up our new workspace which includes prepping, priming and painting, preparing and putting up shelves, and lots of other little tidbits, and hope you'll join in on making our workspace a reality!
A useful and cool looking new workspace for EPIC to execute its Perpetual Plastics project, where kids and vulnerables, amongst many others, can come and be a part of our plastic pollution solution!