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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Beach volleyball bench / storage box

Beach volleyball bench / storage box
We would like to build and paint a combination storage box / bench / shade area
1. The box would be a safe place to store equipment (antennes / balls / rakes). In this way the SBVA members will be able to play our beloved sport every hour of the week, without being dependent on the availability of our current equipment keeper.
2. The box will be a bench as well. The bench can be used by all visitors of the Boardwalk Sports Park: either to take a well deserved break during your sports activity, or as a spectator to enjoy a nice beach volleyball game.
3. We would like to add a roof to the box, to have protection from the sun. Right now there is no possibility for spectators to watch a game in the shadow.
4. We will improve the quality of the court (raking / digging of the sand etc.)