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15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Beautifying Middle Region's Recreational Park �

Beautifying Middle Region's Recreational Park �
We're embarking on an exciting project to beautify and revitalize Middle Region's Recreational Park, and we need your helping hands! Join us as we:

- Sand and reapply sealant to the entire wooden playhouse
- Sand and repaint the playhouse's little roof
- Sand and repaint the three benches
- Add taller fencing near the garbage bin area to prevent items from being thrown into the garden
- Install chicken wire on the lower section of the fencing near the garbage to prevent small debris from entering
- Create a more robust self-closing gate system at the garden entrance near the garbage area to prevent dogs from bringing small garbage bags inside
- Sand and repaint the two wipkipjes (spring seesaw)
- Conduct a general cleaning of the area (weed removal, sweeping, etc.)
By completing these tasks, we not only enhance the image and longevity of the Recreational Park equipment but also create a cleaner and more enjoyable area for park users.