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Youth Empowerment & resilience: Sports & Fun day

Youth Empowerment comes in a multitude of forms that shape and leads our younger generation to develop into productive proud citizens of St. Maarten. The compelling benefits of participation in sports offer many valuable trade-offs such as improve cardiovascular health, strength and boosting the immune system. The additional compensation that the youths receive is socializing and integrating with different communities and cultures on the island – in addition to bringing a structured routine that can boost a child mental health, which is paramount considering the global pandemic. Henceforth creating a day to empower our St. Maarten Youth Brigade Members and display how much we appreciate their efforts to develop into the next generation of leaders and thanking them for their call to action efforts in volunteering. We desire to facilitate a fun day of competitive sports, team building and fun activities that enhance cognitive developments. Think of Giant Jenga, Connect Four, Relay racing, Flag Football and a DJ playing chill music the youth can relate to. This will allow the members to develop their soft skills in problem-solving and cooperating with their fellow Brigade Members while enhancing their physical aptitude. We are looking for individuals who share the passion to mentor and guide the younger generation on the right path. As a Volunteer, this is your in-depth introduction of what a Mentor and a Coach do daily volunteering at St. Maarten Youth Brigade. If this brings meaning to you as a volunteer then we are looking for you in the capacity of a Coach, Chef, Referee, DJ and Volunteer to assist with the overall operation.
Currently 9 volunteers wanted
Facilitate the development of physical literacy and cognitive skills Create a safe space for the members to have fun and smile Welcome parents/guardians to be part of the event, thus community building Introduction of St.Maarten Youth Brigade to volunteers
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Friday • 08:00 - 12:00
Mental Health Foundation
16 / 16 Volunteers
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