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Elderly Green House

This project is to construct a 30 ft X 10 ft green house that will be a horticulture of herbs and vegetables. On the churches HEWEY Building property behind the existing building The green house will be made up of wood, PVC pipes and shade cloth. It will consist of 10 wooden garden boxes filled with potting soil. 3 boxes to grow herbs and 7 boxes for vegetables.These foods will be an activity center to promote healthy ageing and long living among our seniors population. This garden will help all of us continue with a gardening routine that is meaningful, and allows older hobbyists to live life in a way that’s normal and rewarding. The garden will not only is gardening a good form of low-impact exercise, it exposes us to much-needed fresh air and sunshine for our elderly senior citizens. The harvesting of the crops can promote health eating habits, consumption , life balance and mental focus. Seniors Gardening benefits: Decreased risk of dementia – up to 36%! (Dubbo Study) Improved hand strength and dexterity (Kansas State University) Lower stress levels and higher self-esteem (Dutch study) Reduction in heart attack and stroke risk (Age UK) Gardening for the family has helped bridge the gap between children and their great-grandparents. In an age when they communicate via Facebook, it’s vital to have a common bond to practice their face-to-face relationships. Gardening is that bond.
Currently 20 volunteers wanted
The green house will sit at the back of the HEWEY building ,constructed by wood frame covered with shade cloth. occupied by 10 wooden boxes sizes 3 ft X 8 ft. to plant herbs and vegetables 14 bags of potting soil. various Herb and vegetable seeds 2 20ft 1 inch PVC water pipe to install to have flowing water 1 25ft gardening hose
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