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Mental Health Mural

Mental Health is unfortunately still a difficult topic on St. Maarten. Mental health is for most people a scary topic that is rather ignored and easily judged upon by others. If people don't talk about it they don't know anything about it and they don't know what to do when encountered with a mental health issue (and 1 in every 4 people will be affected by a mental or neurological disorder in their lives, big or small). It is for this reason that we would like to create a mural with an encouraging/inspirational Mental Health Related message at a spot where a lot of people pass by
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The desired results are that everyone who sees the mural will stop for a moment and think about the topic and how that applies to him/her. It might even serve as a pick-you-up when you might feel down, but ultimately the aim is to break open the topic and make people discuss it with the people around them
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