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Walk and BBQ - Sint Martin's Home

The idea of our project is to get our clients outside to enjoy some nice fresh air with a nice stroll around the white and yellow cross facility. We would like to set up a bbq outside and have a high quality chef make delicious Caribbean food for our clients so they can enjoy the bbq after their walk. Our goal is to entertain the clients, having social interaction with them, get them more active and bring them outside to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. We would like to encourage the community to visit our elders as often as possible. Happiness is wellness!
Currently 0 volunteers wanted
To entertain our clients, bring them outside to enjoy the sun and BBQ while socializing with volunteers
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Saturday • 17:00 - 23:00
0 / 2 Volunteers
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Saturday • 09:00 - 17:00
Sint Maarten Tennis Club
Welgelegen Road, Raoul Illidge Sports Complex
5 / 8 Volunteers
We need skilled volunteers to help us extend the wooden roof over the playground...
Saturday • 07:00 - 16:00
Little Goslings Day Care Centre Foundation
S. Quamina Drive
5 / 5 Volunteers