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Beautification and Community Decvelopment Project of John Larmonie Center and Longwall Road

John Larmonie Center's hallway will be painted, a mural dedidated to Mr. John Larmonie will adorn one of the walls. The paintings on the outside walls will be refreshed with new paint and the entire longwall road "wall" and benches will undergo a colorful transformation.
Currently 30 volunteers wanted
A more pleasant and inviting hallway for the students and visitors, the mural paying homeage to Mr. Larmonie and the story about him contributing to the music and generl history of the nation St. Maarten. The last lap going outside and transforming Longwall road and the benches into a pleasing tableaux for all and in the future encourage families and youth to socialize in an artistically pleasant environment. We aim to connect inside and outside space as well as connecting people of all ages and walks of life to commune together through games, sports, arts, merchandises , etc.
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Saturday • 10:00 - 17:00
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