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Beautification and planting Discovery Farm

The Discovery Farm is a social care farm on Sint Maarten with mini farm animals (goat, sheep, mini horses, donkeys, chickens and mini pigs) The idea is to create a safe environment where children can interact with animals. Also the farm accomodates social projects and animal assited therapy. With SXM DOET we would like to fix and paint fences, fix up the playground, plant trees and beautify the farm surroundings. Also if we could would like to repair the trailer to transport our farm animals to different locations (like for example Sisiter Basilia) as to create a "cuddle bus"
Currently 21 volunteers wanted
Beautify and refresh the look of our pet farm. Create more natural shade by planting trees for animals and visitors. Create a safe outdoor environment for children to play and interact with animals. Be able to travel with our animals to children and adults that can't visit the Discovery Farm.
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Saturday • 09:00 - 16:00
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0 / 20 Volunteers
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