15 & 16 MARCH 2024

Queen of The Hope: Gardening & painting (SATURDAY)

Date: Saturday March 11, 2023 Time: 9am to 3pm Location of the event: Hope Estate Hillside lot B, Dutch Sint Maarten Meeting point: Parking lot of the Genevieve the Weever school, at Experiment Drive at the Hope Estate Dutch Sint Maarten. In case you do not have a 4-wheel drive car, a shuttle bus or jeep will drive them (2 minutes) uphill to the location of the event. Dress code: gardening gloves, long pants, long sleeves t-shirt, closed shoes, cap/hat, sunglasses, sun screen. The Doris Romney Estate is located in the hillside of Upper Princes Quarter on the Dutch side of St, Maarten. The heirs of the Doris Romney Estate, are creating an outdoor museum on a small part of their private property (Doris Romney Estate). The theme of the museum is from salt pickers, to sugar cane cutters to real estate developers. The heirs of the Doris Romney Estate are not looking for money, they are looking for volunteers to: - clear the hiking trails related to the future museum. - build picnic tables and benches from used pallets and paint them. - help finish Mural art related to the Museum Tools and water will be provided. SXM Doet will provide t-shits and caps for the volunteers. Volunteers needed per day: 20 each day. 10 adults for trail clearing (marines or VKS would be great) and 10 for painting and putting benching together. Kids can help paint the benches and color mural art. The design will be put on the walls and kids can just add color. The adult volunteers need to be physically fit to work with gardening tools to clear the hiking trails. The parents or schoolteacher coming with kids can work on putting the benches together from used pallets. Paint, pallets and tools will be provided by the project. The first day, Friday is only suitable for adults. The second day, Saturday is also suitable for kids, as they will be able to paint the picnic table and participate in creating Murial art. Please wear sneakers or hiking shoes, a hat or cap and bring a reusable water bottle and gardening gloves. PLEASE TAKE INTO ADVISE TO ONLY COMMUNICATE VIA EMAIL OR WHATSAPP. THE HEIRS, WHO ARE THE PROJECTLEADERS OF THIS PROJECT DO NOT RESIDE IN SXM. The project leaders periodically visit SXM to deal with legal and business items. So please only communicate via e-mail and WhatsApp.
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The objective of the museum is to educate children on the history of St. Maarten via the 400 year family history of the Romney, Rombley & Illidge family of the Hope Estate in St. Maarten. In 2023 (as soon as all permits are in order) the outdoor museum will only open to schools on appointment only. The Doris Romney Estate is privately owned land, it is not government lease land, so please be so kind not trespass on the property without authorization of the landowners. This also counts for hiking groups.
Foundation ECO SXM
Saturday • 08:00 - 16:00
Festival Village, Booth #46, Pond Island.
Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC)
Saturday • 07:00 - 11:00
Milton Peters College (MPC) - Classroom F1
Saturday • 09:00 - 15:00
Hope Estate Hillside lot B, Upper Princess Quarter