10 & 11 MARCH 2023

CAST Project

The CAST Project relies on the following principles: Community, Awareness, Sensory, and Teambuilding. Together these key aspects are incorporated into our project to create a fun and enjoyable experience for youths of different backgrounds. Just like a cast is meant to be a supportive structure to heal injured/broken bones, so is our project meant to heal/bridge the divide between youths and law enforcement entities. Through encouragement, we allow our SYB members to take ownership of complex challenges that may lie on the road ahead in life. Members will collaborate with local law enforcement & military personnel in a fun yet educational activity with the use of a paintball arena. Members of these different local entities would discuss with members the importance of engaging with your community on different levels, humanitarian aid, search and rescue, preparedness for natural disasters, resilience, and much more. Members of the Brigade can see the type of work/training involved with becoming a member of each organization with the hopes of giving them a better sense of career guidance. This will translate to a mutually beneficial project for all parties. Youths can better learn about the organizations and local organizations can better build a trusting relationship with the community they serve. Members will be paired in teams with local agencies to conduct various paintball games meant to stimulate the core concepts of the project. Games such as Capture the Flag, Silent King of the Hill, Search and Recovery, etc. Most of these games will touch on most concepts at any given time. However, the different types of games will emphasize specific skills more than others. Expert personnel in the relative agencies would give a short talk; all presentations combined no longer than 30 minutes discussing the concepts through experiences. Followed by the rules and objectives of the games that will be played in conjunction with expert personnel.
Currently 5 volunteers wanted
The goal of this project is improve/enhance the capabilities of this core concepts within each one of the members. In the hopes that conducting this alongside fellow peers and local agency personnel would increase the thought process and active learning through the experiences they would gain on this date.
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Foundation ECO SXM
Saturday • 08:00 - 16:00
Festival Village, Booth #46, Pond Island.
Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC)
Saturday • 07:00 - 11:00
Milton Peters College (MPC) - Classroom F1
Saturday • 09:00 - 15:00
Hope Estate Hillside lot B, Upper Princess Quarter